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Eclipse 4.4 Luna ugly theme with XFCE 4.11

The latest eclipse has a strange aspect in XFCE 4.11 with the Adwaita theme.
The following images show the main problems

The background of the tool-tip is white, instead of the Adwaita blue.
Eclipse tool-tip with white backgroud

The side arrows that open sub menus are plain ugly.
Ugly side arrows

Apart from this, the padding in the bars makes it very difficult to use in my laptop.
enter image description here

Does anyone have any suggestion?

Answer Source

To fix the tooltip, try to disable GTK3 by expoting SWT_GTK3=0. You can do this by creating a .desktop file if not already created (right click on desktop 'Create Launcher...', configure it for eclipse). Open the .desktop file with text editor and modify the line holding the execution:

Exec=env SWT_GTK3=0 command_to_launch_eclipse

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