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Ruby on Rails - modifying part of embedded Ruby in .js.erb

I'm working on a single-page site and have gotten the ajax loading of templates to insert into the content part of the site working. However, I'm having trouble doing this with multiple templates, using a parameter.

I have 5 templates, shared/blog, shared/projects, etc.

In my controller, I'm doing an AJAX call to 'replace'

pages = ['blog', 'projects', 'resume', 'gallery', 'contact']

def replace
@content = params[:content]
if not pages.include? content
content = 'blog'
respond_to do |format|

In replace.js.erb, I have this code:

$(".content_inner").html("<%= j render(:partial => 'shared/blog') %>");

I have kept it just saying 'shared/blog' because it works for loading the blog if I keep the embedded Ruby static like that. However, I can't figure out how to replace the 'blog' part of 'shared/blog' in here to whatever is in the @content variable. I've tried things like #{content}, but to no avail.

(It does receive the content variable correctly, the issue is just with using it)

Any help would be appreciated!


Answer Source

String interpolation requires double quotes. You're after:

$(".content_inner").html("<%= j render("shared/#{@content}") %>");

A few notes:

  • The :partial => hasn't been necessary for years in Rails. Just use render <partial_name>.
  • Rails already comes with a place to store your shared partials: app/views/application. You should move your shared partials there, and then you can render them simply by using render(@content). This is important to how Rails works, because it allows you to override the partial in controller-specific view paths. For example, calling render("blog") will render app/views/<controller_name>/blog.js.erb if it exists, and then fallback to app/views/application/blog.js.erb otherwise.
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