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Hibernate HT_ Temporary Tables ON JOINED inheritance, Migration from Hibernate 3.4.0.GA To 5.1

I'm trying to migrate an application from Hibernate 3.4.0.GA to Hibernate 5.1, and after complete the required changes on java code, when I deploy the application I'm watching how Hibernate is trying to create HT_ tables (global temporary), one for each @Inheritance annotated entity.

Searching on Google I've found why the tables are being created.

But in my case we are not allow to change de database to add new tables.

My Inheritance model only has one level of Inheritance and its simple, example

Does anyone knows any alternative representation for a hierarchical table structure that I can use to avoid the HT_ tables creation, or some Hibernate configuration to archive the same purpose?.

I can change the inheritance hierarchy on our entities or the Hibernate configuration. I can also asume an exception on deploy caused by the non creation of the tables if it´s non blocking for the rest of the deploy.

Thank you in advance.

UPDATE 1: New info from Hibernate official forum.

UPDATE 2: The Bug was fixed

Answer Source

As in update one on this link is more info from Hibernate official forum with a possible solution.

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