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PHP Question

Point ob_start to a function inside a class to capture fatal errors

I'm trying to create a generic class in PHP that will provide a way to call a web service, parse the returning XML and return a JSON object.
I ran into fatal errors on servers that do not support CURL and/or JSON and looked for a way to gracefully returning the error in a JSON object back to the client, rather than crashing.
After some searching,I found an article that suggested I could call

and provide a handler function:

function fatal_error_handler($buffer) {
if (ereg("(error</b>:)(.+)(<br)", $buffer, $regs) ) {
$err = preg_replace("/<.*?>/","",$regs[2]);
$buffer = json_encode(array("errorMessage" => "Fatal error occurred", "exceptionMessage" => $err));
return $buffer;

and calling
at the end of the script.
This worked well, but I now wanted to add that functionality to my class. I tried, and succeeded, in adding the following constructor and destructor:

function __construct() {

function __destruct() {

But when I tried moving the handler function into the class, there was no way I could add it to the
call. I tried
, and
(WebService being my class name) - to no avail.My question is, how do I pass a name of a class function to
included in my constructor?A bonus question: am I doing this right, or is there a a better way to handle fatal errors in a way that the client can handle?

Answer Source
ob_start(array($this, 'fatal_error_handler'));
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