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Ajax Question

Reload the page after ajax success

I have some problems with redirecting/reloading after a successful ajax call.
Here is the situation:

I have item for deletion saved in an array. When I click on a button it calls for PHP file via ajax, and after success I need to reload the page. But I have some problem doing this.
I searched the internet and couldn't find a working solution.

I have PHP file which goes through the array deleting item by item from the database.

foreach($arrayVals as $key=>$val)
//bla bla

Also, I have jQuery part:

url, data, type... not important
success: function(html){

I mean, the code works, but not good. It does delete items, but not all of them and then it reloads the page.
Like, if I have 10 items to delete, it deletes like 6-7, and 3-4 items stay undeleted.

It acts like it reloads the page too soon, like PHP file does not have enough time to process everything :D

Answer Source

BrixenDK is right.

.ajaxStop() callback executed when all ajax call completed. This is a best place to put your handler.

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