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C# Question

How to write, compile and run C# for free (in Windows)

Is it possible to use C# for free? Which tools would you use?

  1. For fun/studying: I'm pretty sure you can, but still, the tools question remains.

  2. For programs you wish to sell?

The tools I'm looking for:

  1. IDE (as complete as possible: debugging, refactoring, libraries, IntelliSense etc.) - also, if it's not included in the IDE, compiler.

  2. Unit Testing,

  3. Documenting (extracting comments as with JavaDoc),

  4. Deploying.

Other suggestions for nice free tools are also welcome.

Note that IMO, Visual Studio Express is NOT offering all these tools.

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standalone compiler:

  • csc.exe, vbc.exe and msbuild.exe are a part of .NET Framework. Windows SDK tools is also free. Or you can use compiler from Mono project.

Unit Testing:

  • NUnit, mbUnit, xUnit and many, many others.

Documenting: (extracting comments JavaDoc-style)


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