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Is it possible to include command line options in the python shebang?

I have the canonical shebang at the top of my python scripts.

#!/usr/bin/env python

However, I still often want to export unbuffered output to a log file when I run my scripts, so I end up calling:

$ python -u &> myscript.out &

Can I embed the -u option in the shebang like so...

#!/usr/bin/env python -u

and only call:

$ ./ &> myscript.out & still get the unbuffering? I suspect that won't work, and want to check before trying. Is there something that would accomplish this?


You can have arguments on the shebang line, but most operating systems have a very small limit on the number of arguments. POSIX only requires that one argument be supported, and this is common, including Linux.

Since you're using the /usr/bin/env command, you're already using up that one argument with python, so you can't add another argument -u. If you want to use python -u, you'll need to hard-code the absolute path to python instead of using /usr/bin/env, e.g.

#!/usr/bin/python -u

See this related question: how to use multiple arguments with a shebang (i.e. #!)?