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Rails-way to execute one-off task on Rails server startup

I have Rails 4.2 application and I want to execute some one-off code when server starts.

My first approach was to use initializer in

to run the code. But in this case code is being executed also for all the rake tasks and Sidekiq process.

So I've created a rake task to run my code. Now I wonder how to execute it along with rails server startup. Of course, I can create a shell script that will execute my rake task and then start the server. But is there any rails-way to achieve this?

Foreman is another approach advised by SO, but it's not working for me as my task is not a daemon and the process terminates immediatelly after completion. Apparently all the processes in Procfile have to be daemonized.

Answer Source

Can be achieved with Foreman by running in the same process as daemonized task (e.g. with rails server).

If one-off taks is rake lego:update_all

Then corresponding Procfile is

web: rake lego:update_all && rails s
sidekiq: bundle exec sidekiq
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