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Python Question

How do I call an Excel VBA script using xlwings v0.10

I used to use the info in this question to run a VBA script that does some basic formatting after I run my python code.

How do I call an Excel macro from Python using xlwings?

Specifically I used the first update.

from xlwings import Workbook, Application
wb = Workbook(...)

Now I'm using v0.10.0 of xlwings and this code no longer works.

When I try the suggested new code for v0.10.0:


Python returns an object:

<xlwings.main.Macro at 0x92d3198>

and my macro isn't run in Excel.

The documentation (http://docs.xlwings.org/en/stable/api.html#xlwings.App.macro) has an example that is a custom function but I have a script that does several things in Excel (formats the data I output from python, adds some formulas in the sheet, etc.) that I want to run.

I'm sure I'm missing something basic here.

Based on Felix Zumstein's suggestion, I tried:

import xlwings as xw
xlfile = 'model.xlsm'
wb = xw.Book(xlfile)

This returns the same thing as wb.app.macro('your_macro'):

<xlwings.main.Macro at 0x92d05888>

and no VBA script run inside Excel.


You need to use Book.macro. As your link to the docs says, App.macro is only for macros that are not part of a workbook (i.e. addins). So use:

your_macro = wb.macro('your_macro')  # this maps the VBA code
your_macro()  # only this executes the VBA code