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Memcache::get not working with array of keys

I am trying to test the

functionality of memcached client in PHP, and I know that

array Memcache::get ( array $keys [, array &$flags ] )

is available.

00000001 <?php
00000002 function rand01()
00000003 { // auxiliary function
00000004 // returns random number with flat distribution from 0 to 1
00000005 return (float)rand()/(float)getrandmax();
00000006 }
00000007 ini_set('display_errors', 1);
00000008 $mc=new Memcached();
00000009 $mc->setOption(Memcached::OPT_DISTRIBUTION,Memcached::DISTRIBUTION_CONSISTENT);
00000010 $mc->setOption(Memcached::OPT_REMOVE_FAILED_SERVERS,true);
00000011 echo "return value of addServer<br>";
00000012 var_dump($mc->addServer("mc1",11211));
00000013 var_dump($mc->addServer("mc2",11211));
00000014 var_dump($mc->addServer("mc3",11211));
00000015 echo "<br>";
00000016 $mc->set('00010111222',"testval");
00000017 $mc->set('00010333444',"testval");
00000018 echo "<br>";
00000019 var_dump($mc->get(array('00010111222', '00010333444')));
00000020 var_dump($mc->getResultCode());
00000023 ?>

But it gives me the following output:

return value of addServer
bool(true) bool(true) bool(true)
Warning: Memcached::get() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /var/www/html/memcache.php on line 19
NULL int(0)

Which means that the servers are successfully added, but
in line 19 gives a warning for parameter being an array and the returned object is NULL. The return code is 0 which means that query was successful, and keys are present in memcached since I am setting them in line 16 and 17. Is there something I am doing wrong or is this a bug in PHP::Memcache?

Answer Source

This is a Memcache vs. Memcached issue.

Memcached::get accepts only a string as the first argument.


Memcache::get is the method that accepts a string or an array.


You can accomplish the same result as looping through the array and calling Memcached::get($key) for each value.