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C++ Question

how to build Boost 1.62.0 from Boost SCM Repositories tarball?

Because of firewall constraint I couldn't download Boost directly,
alternatively, from Boost SCM Repositories I clicked Download GNU tarball and get the tarball. But then how could I build?

Last time when I use Boost there's a

which will build a
, then run
, the library will be built.

I couldn't find
after extracting from the tarball.

Answer Source

Unfortunately the git support for creating/downloading archives doesn't support submodules. So the archive from github will only contain the shell super-project files. You have three choices:

  1. Complain to the git & github developers to have them add archive submodule support.
  2. Complain to your IT network administrator to let you through the firewall.. Perhaps with a proxy set up.
  3. Recursive clone the Boost git repo and read the general instruction on how to get a working setup from here.
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