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Dynamicaly delet the table row using check box and javascript

How can we Dynamically delete the html table rows using javascript.
We have a check box on each row. While clicking the remove button with the check box selected the row would be deleted. Such as
document.getElementById(j).innerHTML = '';

Answer Source

Removing an element is best done with DOM node functions like removeChild, rather than innerHTML-hacking. eg.:

function removeAllRowsContainingCheckedCheckbox(table) {
    for (var rowi= table.rows.length; rowi-->0;) {
        var row= table.rows[rowi];
        var inputs= row.getElementsByTagName('input');
        for (var inputi= inputs.length; inputi-->0;) {
            var input= inputs[inputi];

            if (input.type==='checkbox' && input.checked) {
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