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Javascript Question

Difference between compile(), parse(), and render() in mustache.js

What is the difference between:

, and

in the new mustache.js version 0.5.0, and perhaps for bonus points you could tell us what the difference between parsing and compiling is in general.

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With an API change introduced in version 0.8.0, the compile() method has been integrated into parse(). Manually compiling the templates is no longer required.


Syntactically parses the template and creates a JavaScript function body (a string) from it. During that process it notifies of any syntax errors encountered in the template.


Uses the function body returned from a successful parse() to create an actual JavaScript function. The created function is placed in a cache for re-use.


Takes the appropriate function for a given template (the one that was created by compile()) and applies it to actual data. This creates the result meant to be shown on screen.

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