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Android Studio rendering problems

I'm using Android Studio 0.2.3 and when opened an activity layout normally, the preview should appear on the right side, so that I can switch between Text and Design mode, which should again show the preview of the layout.

But no preview is shown not on the right side neither when I'm in text mode nor in the design mode. I just get the error

rendering problems...

When I compile everything and install the app on my device, it works without any errors. For developing and experimenting with the layout, it would still be nice if I could get the preview to work.

I have also tried to switch between different devices in the studio, but no success.

Does anyone know how solve this?

Answer Source

Change your android version on your designer preview into your current version depend on your Manifest. rendering problem caused your designer preview used higher API level than your current android API level.

Adjust with your current API Level

Adjust with your current API Level. If the API level isn't in the list, you'll need to install it via the SDK Manager.

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