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HTML Question

Getting information from HTML page via VBA

From VBA, I am trying to access to the "username" cell from a web page so that I could type in the appropriate username.

The problem is that in the HTML code from the page we have more than one element with the same name which is "LOGON_USERID" and I can't figure out how to access to the right one.

As you can see on the image "part of the HTML code", the line I'm trying to access to is the highlighted one, but there are also 2 other elements which have the same name above it.

part of the HTML code

I tried lots of different ways (using different methods or variable types etc), but since I'm not familiar with HTML I can't manage to get what I want.

Sub Pum()

Dim ie As New InternetExplorer
'Dim IEDoc As IHTMLElementCollection
Dim IEDoc As HTMLDocument
Dim name As Object
Dim nameList As HTMLInputElement
Dim WRONGS As DispHTMLElementCollection
Dim Elems As HTMLElementCollection
Dim i As Integer

ie.navigate "thewebsiteinquestion"

ie.Visible = False

WaitIE ie

Set IEDoc = ie.document
'MsgBox IEDoc.DocumentElement.
'Elems = IEDoc.getElementsByTagName("INPUT")
MsgBox TypeName(IEDoc.getElementById("LOGON_USERID").all)
Set Elems = IEDoc.getElementById("LOGON_USERID")
'For i = 0 To 5
MsgBox Elems.Length
'Next i
For Each name In Elems.Children
MsgBox name.nodeName
MsgBox name.Attributes
MsgBox name.all


'If ((NameStr Isnot Nothing And (NameStr.Length <> 0)) Then
'If NameStr = "LOGON_USERID" Then
'If TypeName(IEDoc.all("LOGON_USERID")) = "HTMLInputElement" Then

'MsgBox TypeName(IEDoc.all("LOGON_USERID"))
'Set names = IEDoc.all.Item("text")
'TypeName (InputUsernameTextzone)
'Dim Question As IHTMLElement
'Question = InputUsernameTextzone.parentElement
'MsgBox TypeName(InputUsernameTextzone.parentElement.getAttribute("name"))

'CELLULE.value = "qtc2464"

WaitIE ie

Set ie = Nothing
Set IEDoc = Nothing

End Sub

I tried two other similar codes using different methods but I still have no results. Hopefully you can help me.

If you need more information, let me know.

dee dee
Answer Source

The other two input elements are of different type (they are hidden) so you could use querySelector with attribute type=text to find your desired element.

Dim userid As HTMLInputElement
Set userid = IEDoc.querySelector("input[name='LOGON_USERID'][type='text']")

If Not userid Is Nothing Then
    ' Continue with user id element
    MsgBox "LOGON_USERID not found on the page"
End If
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