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sql.h header file missing though unixODBC is installed

I am on an up-to-date Ubuntu 12.04 system. I have unixodbc (v2.2.14 from ubuntu repos), MySQL and its relevant drivers installed. Also connected to a valid DSN. Verified by issuing

isql DBName UName passwd

I am trying to compile a C application that interacts with the database using ODBC. Almost everywhere I searched seemed to indicate that I should have "sql.h" installed somewhere. A
find / -iname sql.h -print
showed I don't have it.

So my question is: where is it? Did something go wrong with the install (no errors were reported though)? And what steps do you recommend? Reinstallation? Compilation from source code (the latest version?)?

Answer Source

You need to install the unixodbc-dev package to get the development header files.

sudo apt-get install unixodbc-dev

The -dev packages contain the require header files required to compile and build programs using these headers to make calls to the library. The library files themselves would be part of the regular package i.e. unixodbc in your case.

If you want to know which package provides a certain file, you could use apt-file:

sudo apt-file update
sudo apt-file find sql.h
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