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jQuery Question

How to add new key value pair into existing object

I have a simple function:

function pagination(opt, limit){
//logs out this-> [Object { limit="2", layout="getConversations"}]

if (typeof opt === 'object') {
var list = {
data: [opt]
}['limitstart'] = 24; //undefined
console.debug(data); //here it should list three key value pairs including limitstart which just added

I tried this:{ 'limitstart': 24 }); //creates another object.

expected output:

[Object { limit="2", layout="getConversations", limitstart=24}]

Answer Source

You can set it as string, as in your example, but as you put the object in an array with [obj], you have to select the index 0 too:[0]["limitstart"] = 24;

Or you can do it as a property:[0].limitstart = 24;

Working example.

For your exprected output you don't have to put the obj in an array:

var obj = {limit: '2', layout: 'getConversations'};
var list = {data: obj}; = 24;
console.debug(; // you have to log '' not 'data'
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