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Node v5 breaks Webstorm's debugger

Node has released its (not so) stable v5 version some days ago. I notice that when I try to run a node project with Webstorm with the debugger it I get the following exception on startup:

Cannot stop on breakpoint due to internal error:
org.jetbrains.v8.V8CommandProcessor$1: TypeError: f is not a function
at Function.t.getScopes (eval at undefined, :217:15) at
t.describeFrame (eval at undefined, :213:33) at t.getFrames (eval at
undefined, :114:89) at
DebugCommandProcessor.r.processDebugJSONRequest (eval at undefined,
:348:15) ...

I don't have other environments to reproduce this error. The programs continues to run but it doesn't stop on breakpoints anymore. Any idea for a fix for this?

UPDATE: I have opened a ticket with Jetbrains and they said they will fix this with a patch asap.

Answer Source

This issue is described here and the workaround is described here

Basically add Workaround: Specify jvm system property:

in your idea.vmoptions file.

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