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React redux passing event handler through connect & mapDispatchToProps vs. rendering child with props

Going through the react-redux docs, I'm trying to understand why the
todo example uses

vs why the reddit example uses a more traditional render method & passing the dispatch through a handler as props to the child component. Is there a reason for this? I can only guess that it's because the former example has a container component correspond to only one presentational component whereas the latter example's container component contains two presentational components so it would not make sense to use connect (nor is it possible) on two components.

todo example :

const getVisibleTodos = (todos, filter) => {

const mapDispatchToProps = (dispatch) => {
return {
onTodoClick: (id) => {

const VisibleTodoList = connect(

reddit example:

class App extends Component {
handleChange(nextReddit) {

render() {
return (
<Picker value={selectedReddit}
options={[ 'reactjs', 'frontend' ]} />

Answer Source

It's perfectly okay to pass dispatch to your component unless you don't want your component to misuse the dispatch function and dispatch actions that are not supposed to be dispatched from that component!

If you want to limit your component, you don't want to pass dispatch directly to the component. You'll want to pass specific action creators through mapDispatchToProps.

I think it boils down to coding standards, really. If you decide to be strict on your components and not allow them to directly dispatch any action, you can use mapDispatchToProps to pass only specific action creators.

Bonus: In the first example, you're passing (id) => dispatch(toggleTodo(id)) function to your component. Try using bindActionCreators from redux instead of manually creating that function! Good luck.

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