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How to you test an angularjs module defined inside an IIFE with jasmine?

how do I test this module on jasmine ?
The problem is that it's very difficult to test the

because the function is hidden inside a closure, it’s very difficult to test them.

In other words, given the module definition below, writing a unit test for MainCtrl seems impossible.

(function () {

'use strict';

angular.module('app', []);

function MainCtrl() {
var mc = this;
mc.obj = {
val : 50

angular.module('app').controller('MainCtrl', MainCtrl);

} () );

and the "typical" jasmine test

describe('app', function(){


it('should create an objet with val 50', inject(function(_$controller_) {
var scope = {},
ctrl = _$controller_('MainCtrl', {$scope:scope});

expect(scope.obj.val).toBe(50); // returns Expected undefined to be 50.


When angular inject the
service inside the jasmine test function, The instance of the controller created returns with an undefined $scope.

So How can you test it?

My search on StackOverflow for a solution to this problem, didn't give me the answer I was looking for so I implemented one of my own.

Answer Source

It can be tested with jasmine simply by doing this :

describe('app', function () {

    var $controller;

    beforeEach(function () {


        inject(function (_$controller_) {

            $controller = _$controller_('MainCtrl');


    //-- spec - test controller

    describe('Controller : MainCtrl', function () {

        it('should create an object with val 50', function () {




here's a jsfiddle for it

Hope it helps !

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