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Read Azure DocumentDB document that might not exist

I can query a single document from the Azure DocumentDB like this:

var response = await client.ReadDocumentAsync( documentUri );

If the document does not exist, this will throw a DocumentClientException. In my program I have a situation where the document may or may not exist. Is there any way to query for the document without using try-catch and without doing two round trips to the server, first to query for the document and second to retrieve the document should it exist?

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You're specifically querying for a given document, and ReadDocumentAsync will throw that DocumentClientException when it can't find the specific document (returning a 404 in the status code). This is documented here. By catching the exception (and seeing that it's a 404), you wouldn't need two round trips.

To get around dealing with this exception, you'd need to make a query instead of a discrete read, by using CreateDocumentQuery(). Then, you'll simply get a result set you can enumerate through (even if that result set is empty). For example:

var collLink = UriFactory.CreateDocumentCollectionUri(databaseId, collectionId);
var querySpec = new SqlQuerySpec { <querytext> };

var itr = client.CreateDocumentQuery(collLink, querySpec).AsDocumentQuery();
var response = await itr.ExecuteNextAsync<Document>();

foreach (var doc in response.AsEnumerable())
    // ...

With this approach, you'll just get no responses. In your specific case, where you'll be adding a WHERE clause to query a specific document by its id, you'll either get zero results or one result.

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