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PHP Question

Anyone have experience with PHP and Fannie Mae File Formats (or MISMO)?

I'm working on a mortgage application and we're supposed to use the FNM 3.2 file format but I can't find much in the way of applicable resources.

Hoping someone in the community has some experience.

Answer Source

you can get help from

format of .fnm file should like

Field Number/Offset/Requirement:Field Description:Value


Line [1    ] Record ID - Envelope Header                      :EH 
EH-020 /  4/N  :Institution ID                                :
EH-030 / 10/N  :Institution Name                              :
EH-040 / 35/N  :Date                                          :20131118
EH-050 / 46/Y  :Envelope Control Number                       :18:16:39
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