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PHP Question

Anyone have experience with PHP and Fannie Mae File Formats (or MISMO)?

I'm working on a mortgage application and we're supposed to use the FNM 3.2 file format but I can't find much in the way of applicable resources.

Hoping someone in the community has some experience.


you can get help from

format of .fnm file should like

Field Number/Offset/Requirement:Field Description:Value


Line [1    ] Record ID - Envelope Header                      :EH 
EH-020 /  4/N  :Institution ID                                :
EH-030 / 10/N  :Institution Name                              :
EH-040 / 35/N  :Date                                          :20131118
EH-050 / 46/Y  :Envelope Control Number                       :18:16:39