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Node.js Question

Pug `#{}` fails to load variable inside `onclick`

So I am using a javascript object to render a list of items. My object looks like this:

text: 'One',
url: 'index.pug'
text: 'Two',
url: 'Two.pug'
text: 'Three',
url: 'Three.pug'

The interesting part is when pug renders them. I am rendering them using something like this:

each item in params.apps
a(onclick="loadXMLDoc(#{item.url})") #{item.text}

What I cannot figure out is why item.text renders correctly, but on click the link doesn't ping the function. In chrome inspector, I saw this:
<a onclick="loadXMLDoc(#)">One </a>
. Why is the argument not coming through as
like it should??

Answer Source

Try concatenating the variable within the attribute:

a(onclick="loadXMLDoc('" + item.url + "')") #{item.text}
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