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Get UDID from beta testers iOS 7

I am deploying a test version of my app over the air to my beta testers. Before iOS 7, I could get their UDID by having them install an app like UDID Pro and having them email it to me.

How do I get the UDID from my beta testers if they have iOS 7, so I can set up the provisioning profiles for the Ad Hoc distribution of my app?

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Getting UDID programmatically will not work from iOS7.0 and upwards, since Apple apparently has moved it to "Private API" space for security reasons. However, you can still see the UDID of a device when it is connected to XCode (Xcode-> Organizer-> {Your Device Name}-> Identifier). You can also see it when the device is connected to iTunes, by clicking on the "Serial Number" once (it toggles between Serial No. and the UDID). You will have to ask your beta testers to find the device UDIDs this way and send you across, I suppose.

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