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Changing Umbraco 7.1.4 admin URL

I am trying to change the default admin UI URL used in Umbraco to a custom URL. The default URL is simply

, for example:

As an example, I would like the admin UI URL to be:

So far, I have tried changing the umbracoPath app setting in the Web.Config:

<add key="umbracoPath" value="~/asdf" />

And renaming the 'Umbraco' folder to 'asdf' in my Visual Studio solution.

This gives some success, when navigating to

Attempt at changing URL

However, the default admin UI page is blank. If I navigate to
, then the expected default page is loaded:

Attempt at changing URL 2

I have obviously missed something, but cannot find what/where - how do I change the default admin UI URL to /asdf?

Answer Source

From the official Umbraco documentation you can do this one of two ways.


Add this rule to your "/config/urlrewriting.config" file

<add name="adminrewrite" 
    ignoreCase="true" />


Rename 'Umbraco' directory to 'asdf' then change your web.config file as below:

<add key="umbracoReservedPaths" value="~/asdf,~/install" />
<add key="umbracoPath" value="~/asdf" />

The second option is what you have already tried but I think it may be the reserved paths part that you are missing.

Just a word of warning, this has been rather a big issue since about version 4 and from the looks of things on the official community forums, this is still something that works for some people and doesn't work for others.

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