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Apache Configuration Question

bin/nutch inject crawl/crawldb urls not working

I just followed the tutorial to setup Nutch from NutchWiki.

Downloaded Nutch 2.x src and set all configurations.
The problem occurs when I just started to crawl.
When I run this code :

bin/nutch inject crawl/crawldb urls
I am getting an error message like this :
Unrecognized arg urls

I just followed all steps in the tutorial, created directories, made changes to configuration files etc. And I also have a query that there is no crawldb directory in the apache-nutch-2.x/runtime/local/ Is it automatically generated or need to manually generate it ?
Any help to this problem will be appreciated.

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I was going through the same problem. The documentation seems to be outdated. It is for 1.x .

For 2.x I have tried the following and it worked for me.

bin/nutch inject urls

Hope it helps.