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TokenMismatchException when refreshing token in passport laravel

I have recently followed the official documentation on how to properly install and setup Laravel Passport in a demo application (blog).

My routes are set up following these instructions:

Next, you should call the Passport::routes method within the boot
method of your AuthServiceProvider. This method will register the
routes necessary to issue access tokens and revoke access tokens,
clients, and personal access tokens:

While using Postman to run some sample requests I noticed that oauth/token/refresh route requires a CSRF token.

Running artisan route:list I got:

| | POST | oauth/token | | \Laravel\Passport\Http\Controllers\[email protected] | throttle |
| | POST | oauth/token/refresh | | \Laravel\Passport\Http\Controllers\[email protected] | web,auth |

Any ideas on how to properly refresh the token?

Answer Source

Csrf can be disabled for desired URI-s, as stated on https://laravel.com/docs/5.3/csrf . For an example, In VerifyCsrfToken class I've added one value

    protected $except = [

and it works.

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