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Difference between MVC 5 Project and Web Api Project

I am new to Asp.net MVC and Web Api and trying to get the basics. Afaik, we have project templates in VS 2013, named as

Web Api
Both of them together

I have gone through the tutorials and learn that we can make an Api by using MVC alone as well as with Web Api Template.
So, can somebody explain the differences between these, based on Architecture and usage.

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Basically, a Web API controller is an MVC controller, which uses HttpMessageResponse as the base type of its response, instead of ActionResponse. They are the same in most other respects. The main difference between the project types is that the MVC Application project type adds web specific things like default CSS, JavaScript files and other resources needed for a web site, which are not needed for an API.

MVC is used for creating web sites. In this case Controllers usually return a View (i.e. HTML response) to browser requests. Web APIs on the other hand are usually made to be consumed by other applications. If you want to allow other applications to access your data / functionality, you can create a Web API to facilitate this access. For example, Facebook has an API in order to allow App developers to access information about users using the App. Web APIs don't have to be for public consumption. You can also create an API to support your own applications. For example, we created a Web API to support the AJAX functionality of our MVC web site.

Microsoft changed the way they present the different templates. Now instead of using different templates for different project types, they encourage developers to mix ASP.NET technologies inside the same project as needed. Microsoft calls this vNext.

UPDATE: For ASP.NET Core, Web API has been integrated into the MVC 6 project type and the ApiController class is consolidated into the Controller class. Further details at: https://wildermuth.com/2016/05/10/Writing-API-Controllers-in-ASP-NET-MVC-6

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