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Force invalidation of JavaFX properties

I have a class with the getters/setters for interacting with an underlying device driver. The getter reads data from device and the setter writes data to device. I would add a FX property to this class in order to bind to a GUI controls. I build the property by using JavaBeanPropertyBuilder and it's works. But the property value can be changed not only on GUI side but also on a device side, so I need update the properties by a timer and I want force invalidate the properties in order to update all bindings. Is it possible?

UPD with code example:

class MyDevice {
public double getSpeed() {
return (double)driver.getParameter("speed");
public void setSpeed(double value) {
driver.setParameter("speed", value);
private DoubleProperty speed = new JavaBeanDoublePropertyBuilder().bean(this).name("speed").build();
public DoubleProperty speedProperty() {
return speed;

Now, I bind
to GUI control and if a value has been changed on the driver side I want something like
to force handle all registered listeners and update the bindings. (I know about changes on the driver side by a timer's querying of a device status, for example, but not all available parameters.)

Answer Source

The fireValueChangedEvent method can be used to notify the JavaBeanDoubleProperty that the underlying data has been changed.

private JavaBeanDoubleProperty speed = new JavaBeanDoublePropertyBuilder().bean(this).name("speed").build();
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