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MySQL Question

MySQL too long varchar truncation/error setting

I have two MySQL instances. The 1st one truncates strings on insert when data is too long. The 2nd one raises an error:

ERROR 1406 (22001): Data too long for column 'xxx' at row 1

I want the 2nd one to truncate the data as well.
Is there any MySQL setting to manage this behavior?

Answer Source

You can disable STRICT_TRANS_TABLES and STRICT_ALL_TABLES. This allows the automatic truncation of the inserted string.

Quote from MySQL Documantation.

Strict mode controls how MySQL handles invalid or missing values in data-change statements such as INSERT or UPDATE. A value can be invalid for several reasons. For example, it might have the wrong data type for the column, or it might be out of range. A value is missing when a new row to be inserted does not contain a value for a non-NULL column that has no explicit DEFAULT clause in its definition. (For a NULL column, NULL is inserted if the value is missing.)

Reference: MySQL Server SQL Modes

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