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Webix Data Loading from Laravel Link

Trying to load data into a webix data table using the following code. Looks like the browser is getting the json data back, but webix isn't doing anything with the data. No Datatable shows up, but I can still see the full json under the Network -> Response tab in Firefox Inspector. Is this a valid way of loading data into webix?

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
dtable = new webix.ui({

url: "{{ url('/getContacts') }}",
datatype: "json"

Specifically, the question is around whether the url would work as the route for 'getContacts' returns a json object.

Answer Source

After troubleshooting with Webix, we determined that yes. Using the "{{ }}"does work for the webix, but for my case, the grid was hidden by a css fault collapsing the rows of the grid. Once that was fixed, the datatable showed up with the data without a flaw.

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