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Git Question

How to get back to most recent version in Git?

I have recently moved from SVN to Git and am a bit confused about something. I needed to run the previous version of a script through a debugger, so I did

git checkout <previous version hash>
and did what I needed to do.

Now I want to get back to the newest version, but I don't know the hash for it. When I type
git log
, I don't see it.

How can I do this? Also, is there an easier way to change versions than by typing out hashes - something like "go back two versions" or "go to the most chronologically recent"?

Answer Source

git checkout master should do the trick. To go back two versions, you could say something like git checkout HEAD~2, but better to create a temporary branch based on that time, so git checkout -b temp_branch HEAD~2

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