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How do you localize static UIApplicationShortcutItems?

I have an application and I want to add a mix of static and dynamic app shortcut items. Localizing for dynamic items is pretty straightforward, using

, but not so much with the items in your info.plist. I already have an InfoPlist.strings file for localizing the name of my application, but I am less sure about how static
would work since these items do not have a unique key.

How do you localize static UIApplicationShortcutItems?

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Turns out that the app will search the InfoPlist.strings file for a corresponding key matching the value in the Info.plist. That might sound a little confusing, so here's an example:

For the UIApplicationShortcutItemTitle key in the info.plist, add a value of, say, ADD_ITEM_SHORTCUT_TITLE:


This value will then need a corresponding entry in your InfoPlist.strings file:

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