Shaul Shaul - 4 years ago 765
C Question

Xcode & C/C++ project

I want to use Xcode for C/C++ project.
I don't care about build/compilation, all i want is to use it as editor.
- Find symobol , References , callers etc

I've opened a console project, i can search for a symbol in the same file but nothing else. (for example, right click + jump to definition gives me a question mark ('?').

Any pointer to what needs to be done ?


Answer Source

Ok, I found the solution.

When adding files to the Xcode project, on the bottom , need to click 'Options' and then choose 'Create groups' instead 'Create folder references'

This options will add all the sources and headers to 'Compile sources' and 'Headers' (Under 'Build Phases')

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