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how to grab an element in a string in hive?

I have a table called datatable like this:

columnA columnB
1 1^1^4~3^4^2~4^9^a
2 4^2^2~8^9^a~1^1^1

I want to be able to search the elements of an array and operate on it. In this case, I need to find the first number before the
in each set between the
. So, the output should look like this:

columnA columnB
1 4
2 8

How do I express this in
? Right now, I know how to split on the

select columnA, split(columnB, '~') from datatable
but...I don't know how to program it to grab the element from group containing "
". How do I do this?

I'm trying to avoid regular expressions, but I realize they might be needed here....

Answer Source

The regular expressions seem to be pretty handy in your case. The one extracting first numbers in an a-featured group is:



And the query would be:

select columnA, regexp_extract(columnB, '(\\d+)\\^(?:\\d+\\^)*a', 1) from datatable
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