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Angular JS set value of clicked object in ng-repeat

I have an ng-repeat which iterates object like:

"id": 1,
"title": "Lorem Ipsum",
"base_text": "Lorem ispum",
"read_more_text": "lorem ipsum",
"show_details": false,
"button_label": "Read More",
"button_link": "",
"image": ""

Inside the ng-repeat in the html, there is a button which I want to toggle the value of that

So, I have an

<div class="hero-item" ng-repeat="h in dash.heroItems">
<p ng-if="h.show_details">{{h.read_more_text}}</p>
<button ng-click="dash.showHeroDetails(">{{h.button_label}}</button>

So I am passing the repeat instance's
property. But here I am stuck, I can't get the correct syntax for toggling that boolean property.

I have this so far:

_this.showHeroDetails = function (item) {
_this.show_details = item;

which is clearly wrong...

Answer Source

From template, pass the object.

    <button ng-click="dash.showHeroDetails(h)">{{h.button_label}}</button>

In script, just toggle the value.

_this.showHeroDetails = function (item) {
    item.show_details = !item.show_details;
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