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Python Question

how to put several objects in one template

How do I pass the object from ClassDetail to CreateNewStudent in order to use it in its template ?


class ClassDetail(DetailView):
context_object_name = "Class"
template_name = "temp/students.html"
model = Class

class CreateNewStudent(CreateView):
model = Student
form_class = forms.StudentForm
template_name = "temp/newstudent.html"

Answer Source

As I see you have two models Class and Student. In this case better way to create custom view:

def myCustomView(request, pk):
  get_class = get_object_or_404(Class, pk=pk)
  student_form = StudentForm
    if request.POST:
      student_form = StudentForm(request.POST)
      if student_form.is_valid():
        return ...
        return render(request, 'index.html', {'get_class':get_class, 'student_form':sudent_form})
      return render(request, 'index.html', {'get_class':get_class, 'student_form':sudent_form})
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