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Video's suddenly stopped playing from Youtube API

We've been using the Youtube API in our Android Application for about 3 months now, we removed alot of old video's the last couple of days and updated our MYSQL server where the video ID's are stored.

We made 60 video's add dynamically (using the MYSQL) in our main screen, and i've added about 6 video's 'hardcoded', so nothing should have gone wrong there.

Suddenly all the video's won't play inside the application and give the error "There was a problem while playing, touch to retry". I can keep tapping but nothing happens. I do see that it is loading the right video.

If I keep tapping the bottom right corner, where the link to the youtube web/app is, then it will load the video inside the normal youtube application. It is working fine inside the normal Youtube App.

What I tried so far:

  • Restarted my device

  • Uninstall my application and installing it again

  • Switch from WiFi to 3G

  • Tested a friends phone who also has the application

  • Generating a new Youtube_API_KEY and adding it to the application

  • Tried multiple Youtube accounts, even tested without being logged into Youtube

None of the above mentioned attempts worked.
Does anyone mayby has a clue where to look?

Answer Source

I had an issue earlier with the YouTube API, and the bug was introduced with a specific version of the YouTube app. That is, the presence of the bug in my application depended on the installed version of YouTube.

If you go to Settings > Apps > YouTube, tap Uninstall Updates, you can install another version of YouTube directly with an .apk file downloaded from here, for example.

Install an earlier version of YouTube for a temporary solution. You may want to raise an issue at the issue tracker for YouTube, and wait for the fix.

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