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Java Question

Weird result from "@SuppressWarnings"

Eclipse was warning me that a local variable randInt might not be initialized (it was). So I added the first line:

return randInt;

The warning went away, but I'm getting two new errors on the first line:
Syntax error: insert "enum Identifier" to complete EnumHeaderName, and
Syntax error: insert "EnumBody" to complete BlockStatement

What on earth? It's surprisingly hard to find information about @SuppressWarnings. Is there a more precise way of getting rid of this specific warning than using "all"?

Minimal, complete, verifiable example:

public class SuppressTest {
public int cut() {
int randInt = 0;
return randInt;

Answer Source

You can't insert @SuppresWarnings on a return statement. In java 8 you can annotate only classes, methods/constructors, fields, parameters and (new in java 8) local variables.

So in your case java can't parse what you have written. Move the @SuppressWarnings at the method level.

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