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php ews Copy Message from inbox to other user's inbox

With php-ews is there a possibility to copy a message from an inbox to other user's inbox?

The goal is that a message is created by php-ews in a web interface, saved to a shared inbox and after this save a copy of the message to user's inbox.

My code so far:

$id = $mail_items[$i]->ItemId->Id;
$change_key = $mail_items[$i]->ItemId->ChangeKey;

$request = new EWSType_CopyItemType();
$request->ToFolderId->FolderId->Id = $user_folder_id;
$request->ToFolderId->FolderId->ChangeKey = $user_folder_ckey;
$request->ItemIds->ItemId->Id = $id;
$request->ItemIds->ItemId->ChangeKey = $change_key;
$response = $ews->CopyItem($request);

The message does not appear in the other user's inbox. Thanks!

Answer Source

Thanks to Gareth Parker, my error was found. I had forgotten to give always the exchange version in my clients.

just specify the same Exchange version in every client you create:

$ews = new ExchangeWebServices($host, $username, $password, ExchangeWebServices::VERSION_2007_SP1);
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