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LaTeX Question

How can I change the vertical position of content after a tabularnewline?

I have some trouble with tables in LaTeX. My table has 4 columns. The are too broad to fit the \textwidth, so I searched for a line break and found \tabularnewline. Now the content in the first column breaks into 2 lines but the content in the other 3 columns is now at the bottom of the cell. I would like to center it in the column, or at least it should be at the ceiling. How can I do that?

I tried tabular, tabular* and tabularx. I would like to write as little commands as possible. Is there maybe a way to do it similarly easily as in HTML?

Answer Source

\usepackage{array} in your preamble

then you can use \begin{tabular}{c c m} -- the 'm' will give you vertical middle alignment. also: 't' will give you top alignment, and 'b' will give you bottom.

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