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Export XCode 6 project to SVN repository

Everywhere I search, I get half the solution for exporting Xcode project on Subversion. And for Xcode6, I am not able to find any reliable link.

I have created an iOS project on Xcode6. And now I want to export it to Subversion. The server admin has created my credentials and I have them along with server url. He has created a blank repository on the server too. I have created Repository from Xcode -> Preferences -> Add Repository. But that's all. I am not able to proceed further.

How should I export the project from Xcode6 to SVN?

Answer Source

The easiest way is probably to do this via the terminal.

  1. Close Xcode
  2. Go to the project's folder in the Terminal (cd path/to/project)
  3. Use the svn importcommand:

    svn import -m "New Import"  MyProject/
  4. And finally checkout the project using

    svn co
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