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Node.js Question

Is it possible to locally run multiple apps that run on different node versions at the same time?


I have a web app that runs v6.3.1 node and an api that runs v0.10.40
If I run both the web app and api under one version, one of the apps would break.

If I am developing both apps locally at the same time, I need my environment to be able to run both apps locally each using a different version of node. Is there any tool(s) that would help me do this?

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I think you should install nvm for managing all the versions of node you need.

After you install nvm you can get all the node versions you need and then you can open different terminals and choose the version you want for each app using nvm use v6.3.1 or nvm use v0.10.40.

GitHub for nvm can be found here:

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