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Java Question

Rendering <html:radio> tag in struts

I am using

> tag in my jsp page.

I am printing content in object using:

<logic:iterate name="rolesDetailsVO" id="role">
<bean:write name="role" property="roleName" />

Now I want to put this roleName in . Presently I am trying to do this using

<html:radio property="groupName" value='<bean:write name="role" property="roleName" />' />

but it seems to be wrong bcz in generated html the element is rendering as

<input type="radio" value="&lt;bean:write name=&quot;role&quot; property=& quot;roleName&quot; /&gt;" name="groupName">

Any advices please. Thanks.

Answer Source

Try with

<html:radio property="groupName" value="${}" />
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