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CSS Question

Is it possible to include 2 html pages in the same php file?

I have an

file and I'm trying to include the header and footer (html files) in it. They are both bootstrap based and I just made a few customizations in
. If I include only the header file there's no problems at all and
is displayed as expect but when I include both files (hearder/footer.html), for some reason, my css doesn't display the changes (only displays the default values of the bootstrap). This is the problem I would like to solve. I will ask another question too:

  1. I have several pages that have the same header and footer. The goal here is not repeating code. Is this the better way to include
    these elements (header/footer)? Am I doing it right?

    These are the files I'm using:

    • This pen shows the modifications that should be displayed in the index.php file.

    • This file represents the main file (index.php)

    • This file contains the header.html

    • This file contains the footer.html

I realized that if I comment the include of
in the main file
it's content is displayed and everything works right.

Answer Source

Actually, Your footer.html also includes CSS stylesheets which override the header.html's stylesheets.

You can do something like this


 add all the stylesheets here or combine them


<footer information goes here>
add javascript here



include ('header.html')

content goes here

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