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Css calc() behavior in IE

My purpose is to put inner

in the middle of container.

The example in

The main problem is that inner div is shifted right in IE (Firefox and Chrome shows it fine) because of using css
rule. If I uncomment constant width in example above
width: 156px
, it works.

But it doesn't with
. Is there any way to fix it for IE?

P.S. as I know IE8 and lower doesn't support
, I was trying it in IE9.

Answer Source

Try this new fiddle, there where a couple of errors in your CSS. Here ya go:

First off though, you where using position: absolute, and I don't know why. Second, you where using top and right, for those you must use position: relative. Third you where using right, which I changed to margin-right, and the items have to be float: right to use right.


If you would like text aligned in the center add the following property to your wrapper text-align: center. Here is an updated fiddle:

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