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How to obtain reference to TextField in UI Tests in Xcode 7

I am trying to use UI tests in xcode 7 beta.
I have a storyboard with two text fields. Both text fields have outlets and different Restoration IDs. I recorded the test but generated code is quite unreadable and it doesn't work:

app.otherElements.containingType(.TextField, identifier:"y").childrenMatchingType(.TextField).elementBoundByIndex(0).typeText("hello")

I also tried the following and will work based on Placeholder text?!?


What is the right way to obtain a reference to a TextField in UI tests?

Answer Source

You need to set accessibility identifier in storyboard for that particular textField. Check the image below :

enter image description here

So you can query textField using accessibility identifier like this :

let app = XCUIApplication()

let nameTextField = app.textFields["nameTextField"]
nameTextField.typeText("Hello John")
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