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HTML Question

What is jstcache and why it is being added to my HTML tags?

While using Firebug, I have noticed an attribute name

is added to some of my html tags, while it is not visible in the source of the page. In Firebug I see following

<html lang="en" jstcache="0">
<body jstcache="0">
<div class="mydiv" jstcache="0">

I google result shows it is related to JSTemplate, I am not using it and I do not know why it is being added to my code?

Answer Source

I am encountering the same issue and in my app I am using the Google Maps JavaScript API. When the google map is initialized, I noticed the "jstcache" attributes are applied to all parent DOM elements of the map. When I disable the map feature, "jstcache" attributes are no longer added.

Unfortunately, I can't explain why this is happening though. Perhaps someone can shed some light on this. I have not been able to find any documentation.

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