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Node.js Question

npm -v still showing version 2.x.x after installing npm3

I am starting to use Angular 2, which requires npm

, so I installed it with
npm install -g npm3
. The Angular 2 tutorials tell me to verify that I have npm
by running
npm -v
, however when I run that, it still says I have version
. It shows that I have version
if I run
npm3 -v
, but not if I run
npm -v
. Is this going to cause errors? Do I need to it to say I'm using version
when I run
npm -v
? If so, what do I need to do?

Node.js version:
node -v
reveals that I am using v4.4.7 (Angular2 requires something between
, so I should be good here)

OS: I am currently using Windows 10 on a PC, but have had the same issue with my Mac.

Answer Source

Upgrade npm using this command - npm install -g npm

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