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Xcode support for C++

I try to use Xcode (v.7.3.1) for my C++ project (build system - make), but the experience is quite poor (and it was always like that since old versions like v4 when I started using it) - code completion doesn't work, color syntaxing works oddly (no coloring sometimes, or partially colored code), no "jump-to-definition" functionality, can't switch b/w header/source files with shortcuts. Basically, it's just a text editor where I have to use "Find" and Cmd+Shift+O all the time.

Is this intentional and Xcode will never get any proper support for C++ projects with external build system (make) or am I misconfiguring my project? How can I re-index files in the project? How can I make code completion work?


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So, I ended up using this workaround: even though, I use external build system, I create Console Application project in Xcode and choose C++ language in settings. Then, I simply add my source files to the project (just drag folders from the Finder window) and then manually create project targets of type External Build System as I need. I don't use default target and don't use generated main.cpp file at all.

My files get indexed with no problems. I'm also able to debug code as I used to.

I still think Xcode developers should review indexing process for the projects with external build system...

Thanks for all the insights though!

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